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Engaging Supporters

Through event programming as well as marketing and communications, WFAA works to engage supporters, raise funds, increase volunteers, and uplift the Badger community. Partner with WFAA to enjoy a diverse, tactical team that produces compelling campaigns, organizes engaging events, and delivers results.

Key Importance

To engage supporters and raise awareness for WFAA’s mission, WFAA provides a skilled team of digital, copywriting, communications, visually creative, marketing, and event professionals. By working together, the team develops marketing campaigns and supports unique events for more than a hundred programs for WFAA and our campus partners.

Event Programming

WFAA’s Events and Registration teams work to plan engaging events by establishing an organized registration process, providing event consultation and management, and collecting funds for virtual or in-person events. WFAA is here to assist with engaging supporters through memorable occasions.

Marketing and Communications

WFAA’s Marketing and Communication team are responsible for identifying audiences and developing campaigns that support and complement the university’s priorities. From accurate research, the team identifies strategic opportunities and develops effective campaigns that deliver consistent results.

How to Get Started

WFAA’s skilled professionals bring a wealth of expertise to support our partnerships with those interested in advancement. Although WFAA does not work on executions directed at campus audiences like students, we can help reach other, diverse sets of audiences like alumni, donors, and friends of UW. To begin collaborating with our team, submit a project request to begin the process.

For a faster, more efficient process, the WFAA team prioritizes requests in three ways:

  • If the request lines up with WFAA’s corporate initiatives
  • If the requested event or program is a priority for the WFAA Development or Alumni Relations team
  • If the primary purpose of the request is engagement, cultivation, or stewardship of UW alumni, donors, and stakeholders

Collaboration and teamwork within WFAA as well as with external partners, like you, are essential elements for successfully engaging with the alumni audience.

Where We Can Help

Event Programming

This team works to keep the university’s alumni connected to the UW and to each other no matter how far away they’ve moved from campus. Through event planning, programming, and strategizing, the team works to keep engagement high with unique experiences for UW alumni and friends.

Marketing and Communications

This team creates effective campaigns by identifying target audiences to deliver successful results. From crafting attention-grabbing emails, direct mailings, and invitations to developing inspiring fundraising efforts and event solicitations, we can help you fulfill marketing-specific goals that support and complement the university’s priorities.

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