WFAA Campus-Service Policies

The mission of the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association emphasizes its partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Everything WFAA does is designed to support that partnership, either directly or indirectly, and many of our activities require collaborative process support and working relationships with university employees.

Policies referenced here are designed to help both organizations navigate a complex network of existing support functions and communication channels, rich with variation and bound by certain laws, regulations, rules and other internal policies. Questions related to specific policies should be directed to the designated WFAA function. For more general questions surrounding these policies as a whole please contact the WFAA Help Center at

WFAA Policies for Event and Registration Services for Campus Sponsored Events

The Events and Registration Services teams contribute to campus advancement activities by offering varying levels of services support. The scope of the event, the intended audience, current workload responsibilities, and the specific services being sought all contribute to determining what services may be offered. The Events and Registration Services policies guide campus partners in determining what services they may qualify for and what services may best fit their event and registration needs. Please begin by reviewing the Events and Registration Services policies before completing a Project Request Form. The Events and Registration teams welcome the opportunity to answer questions and provide clarification at

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WFAA Policies for Gift Processing

In addition to responsibility for accurately entering donor gifts, the Gift Processing team processes other sources of revenue derived from campus advancement activities. The Gift Processing policies assist campus partners responsible for event planning or registration activities, with or without WFAA involvement. The policies help facilitate the successful acceptance of non-donor gift revenue by WFAA. The Gift Processing team welcomes questions and clarifications, especially prior to event or registration planning by reaching out to Gift Processing via the Help Center or

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WFAA Fund Disbursement Policy

The Fund Services Group has fiduciary responsibility to use donor gift funds in accordance with the expectations established by the donor. Campus partners seeking reimbursement for ordinary, necessary and reasonable expenditures should adhere to the Fund Disbursement policies. The policies provide clear standards to follow when requesting disbursement from specific donor gift funds held at WFAA. The Fund Services Group welcomes the opportunity to answer questions and provide clarification regarding reimbursement at

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WFAA Policies for Special Deposits

The Special Deposits policies are meant to convey the broad parameters that cover the spectrum of what may be accepted. Given the ambiguity that often permeates special deposits, the policies also describe what cannot be accepted. Particularly given the wide range of potential submitted deposits, please consider contacting the Special Deposits team with questions or clarifications at

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WFAA Reinvesting Income for Endowed Funds Policy

This policy is based on the obligations of the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association (WFAA) as outlined in the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA). The highest level of stewardship and fiduciary responsibility is vital to maintaining trust with our stakeholders/donors. WFAA must therefore carefully consider donor intent and the principles of prudence and reasonableness when evaluating requests to reinvest spendable endowment income.

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