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Campaigns Overview

To achieve certain goals in partnership with UW–Madison, WFAA prioritizes its efforts into specific marketing campaigns that have an effective impact. This management increases support for the key campus programs Badgers love.

The word campaign means different things to different people. For those in development, a campaign is a fundraising operation. If you work in marketing, a campaign is a multifaceted promotional effort.

At WFAA, we are skilled in both types of campaigns. And we can help campus partners achieve desired goals in either area of need — from raising money and building a foundation for continued financial support to raising awareness of important initiatives and building UW pride.

Fundraising Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns

Badger On

The Wisconsin Alumni Association launched the Badger On branding campaign in 2021 in an effort to better amplify the benefits of WAA to alumni and friends. With various theme lines and graphic elements to highlight the numerous ways WAA can help alumni continue their Wisconsin Experience beyond campus, the campaign is extendable and showcases how WAA is the best way for alumni to move forward and stay connected as Badgers.

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