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Updates Happening to New Fund Request and New Event Requests

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Gift and Fund Management
Last Updated: December 14, 2021


Enhancements have been made to the New Fund Request form and the Event section of the Workfront project request form. Both forms now require interest attributes to be recommended along with your request. An Interest Area Glossary has been added to the Hub to assist with the selection of this information.

  • As you complete a new fund request, on the 2nd tab of the request form titled “Attributes” there is a new free-text required field at the bottom:
  • Similarly, as you complete a new event request, after selecting the Event Categories, there is a free-text required field requesting Interest Area attribute categories and subcategories:
  • Both prompts include a hyperlink to the Interest Areas Glossary on the Hub. Guidance is provided on that document and will be enhanced from time-to-time.
  • Currently there is a spreadsheet for download on this webpage for you to reference. We expect changes to be minimal moving forward but ask that you reference the most current version and not store a personal copy.
  • Enter any and all category/subcategory combinations that may be applicable to your fund in this box.  A Fund Administration Analyst or Registration Coordinator may be in touch with you to make recommendations or discuss your selections, as it is understood this can be a subjective process and the list of options is very broad.

If you have questions about the effort, please connect with your WFAA partners.