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Donor Acknowledgement Report Now Available

Constituent Data,
Gift and Fund Management
Last Updated: November 16, 2023


The Donor Acknowledgement Report is now pulling data from 4WARD. We recommend pulling by the Date Entered of 9/27/2023 and forward to capture all gifts received during the interim period and forward. If you need to pull historical data, use the Transaction Post Date option.

Important Data Changes

  • Gifts entered in the legacy CRM ABE that were modified*, now report Date Entered as the last time the gift was updated. For example: A gift originally entered on 6/1/2023 that had to be moved to another fund on 10/1/2023 now shows Date Entered as 10/1/2023. *Modified gifts represent any transaction that had a change made after the gift was initially entered.
  • New Gift Types
    • Soft Credit – Outright Gift: Outright gift commitment made via a third party (such as a donor advised fund or private foundation) that was applied as a soft credit to the donor(s)
    • Soft Credit – Recurring Gift Payment: Recurring gift payment made via a third party (such as a donor advised fund or private foundation) that was applied as a soft credit to the donor(s)
    • Soft Credit – New Pledge: New pledge commitment made via a third party (such as a donor advised fund or private foundation) that was applied as a soft credit to the donor(s)
    • Third Party Pledge Payment: Gift made by a third party (such as a DAF or private foundation) that reduces the balance due on a donor(s) pledge/commitment
  • Gift Pledge Number vs Transaction Number
    • In ABE each gift was its own revenue ID. In 4WARD each gift contains transactions within that one gift. For example, a donor sends one check for $600.00 and is requesting the gift be applied to 3 different fund designations at $200.00 each. In 4WARD, the $600.00 is considered the gift and each $200.00 designation is a transaction within that gift, for a total of three transactions. Each of those transactions would have the same Gift Pledge Number.
  • The same Gift Pledge Number will also display for Recurring Gift Payments and Pledge Payments.
  • New Pledges will not have a Transaction Number listed, as no payment will have been applied.

Known Issues

  • Some name formats are not fully corrected in 4WARD, and some correct data from 4WARD is not currently surfacing in the DAR. Due to this issue, we replaced the Addressee and Salutation fields with “Data currently not available” until we can surface this with greater confidence. In the meantime, users of these reports should review the name fields in the file or in 4WARD to determine the appropriate Addressee and Salutation to use.

    If you do not have access to 4WARD, we recommend using the following address block for mail merges:

    «Constituent_First_Name» «Constituent_Last_Name» and «Spouse_First_Name» «Spouse_Last_Name»
    «City», «State» «Zip»

Dear «Constituent_First_Name» and «Spouse_First_Name»,

  • Recurring Gift Initiations are currently not pulling into the report, making it difficult to distinguish if a Recurring Gift is new. When the Gift Type Description denotes Recurring Gift Payment and a Date Entered of 9/27/23 or forward, we recommend pausing on those acknowledgements until the situation is rectified.
  • The Country column is displaying United States in variable ways including United States, Us, and Usa.
  • Fields that are not populated at this time and reflect as “Data Not Available”
    • Additional Information
    • Addressee
    • AddressLine4
    • AddressLine5
    • Appeal
    • Boards Councils Committees
    • Composite Priority Score
    • Day Of Giving Desc
    • Designation ID
    • Donor Directed Organization Name
    • Donor Gave To Other Funds
    • First Gift Department
    • First Gift Fund
    • First Gift Overall
    • First Gift Unit
    • Gift Reallocated Flag
    • GiftsToFundInLast12Months
    • Has Planned Gift for Site
    • Last Gift To Dept Amount
    • Last Gift To Dept Date
    • Last Gift To Unit Amount
    • Last Gift To Unit Date
    • Last Gift To UW Amount
    • Last Gift To UW Date
    • Match Qualification Code
    • Most Recent Gift To Fund Acknowledgement Date
    • Most Recent Gift To Fund Amount
    • Most Recent Gift To Fund Tran Date
    • Number Gifts To Fund
    • Payment Notes
    • Payment Number
    • Pledge Type
    • PledgeBalanceAmount
    • Pledge Fulfilled
    • QPQ Gift
    • Recognition Notes
    • Recognition Society Participant
    • Resident Or Fellow
    • Revenue Transaction ID
    • Revenue Transaction Line
    • Salutation
    • Spouse Boards Councils Committees
    • Total Giving to Department
    • Total Giving to Unit
    • Total Giving To UW
    • Total Pledge
    • Tribute
    • Tribute Notes