Investing Gifts

The Foundation’s investment team is charged with the day-to-day management of the Foundation portfolios. The investment team has managing fiduciary responsibility, which includes asset allocation across asset types, investment manager selection and performance measurement. They are responsible for delivering risk-adjusted returns that fall within established investment guidelines. Investments team members monitor industry trends, explore and evaluate financial opportunities and provide prudent, ethical stewardship of gifts entrusted to the Foundation.

The staff works closely with the Foundation’s Investment Committee, whose members have significant experience in the investment field. The committee, guided by established Foundation investment policy, governs and provides oversight to the investment team.

Most departments and programs have many endowment and callable funds and the Foundation invests those accounts in one of two portfolios:

The Endowment Portfolio

  • When donors establish endowed funds, the overarching goal is to have a consistent, perpetual impact on the university’s mission forever through a scholarship, professorship, chair or other program.
  • The endowment portfolio seeks to provide relatively dependable spendable income and invest in such a manner as to seek consistent real purchasing power over time.
  • Each gift represents a number of underlying units in the endowment pool.

The Callable Pool

  • A short-term pool of gifts intended to be entirely spent within a relatively short period of time often 3 years or less.
  • The investment objectives are focused on providing liquidity and preservation of principal.

The majority of gifts received by the Foundation are invested in the endowment portfolio.