AcademicWorks (AW)/Blackbaud Award Management (BBAM) is an online scholarship management platform that provides a single scholarship website for institutions, making it easy for administrators to promote all available scholarships on campus to the entire student population. Each student receives a unique, personalized view of the scholarships that they are most qualified for based off student data. At UW-Madison, our system is called the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH). The WiSH system went live in Fall 2018. Resources for campus partners using WiSH can be found here: https://kb.wisc.edu/scholarships/internal/41504. Only campus staff have access to the WiSH portal.

The companion module, Stewardship Management, provides donor relations and stewardship professionals one convenient place to store all information required for donor reporting including the ability to curate information about recipients, disbursements, and “thank-you” letters. The Stewardship Management module partially launched 2019-2020. Both WFAA Development/Stewardship staff and campus scholarship staff can be granted access to this module.

WiSH Overview

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