Stewardship Contacts

Subject Matter Contacts

David Golden – Investment Analyst, WFAA

Fund Management
Brian Hettiger – Director of Fund Administration, WFAA

Recognition Societies
Susan Teskey – Senior Director of Alumni & Donor Recognition Programs, WFAA

Annual Giving / Annual Campaign

Josh Wolfgang – Assistant Director, Annual Giving, WFAA
Mark Menzel – Managing Director, Marketing, WFAA

Faculty Support
Yvonne Quamme – Program Supervisor, Provost’s Office

Unit/Area Leads

College of Agricultural Life Sciences
Heidi Zoerb – Associate Dean

Falon French – Project Assistant

Arts Institute
Christina Martin-Wright – Outreach Program Manager

Continuing Studies
Colleen Johnson – Development Specialist

Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement
Tracey McClure – Senior Development Specialist, WFAA

School of Education
Joan Collins – Development Program Manager, WFAA

College of Engineering
Cathleen Walters – Associate Dean of College of Engineering

Office of Gift Planning
Andrea Shiu – Development Program Manager, WFAA

Global Health Institute
Ann Grauvogl – Senior University Relation Specialist
Kim Santiago – Senior Administrative Program Specialist

School of Human Ecology
Linda Zwicker – Assistant Dean of School of Human Ecology

International Division
Christine Craven – Senior Administrative Program Specialist
Lora Klenke – Managing Director, International Alumni Relations, WFAA

Jini Jasti – Associate Dean of Law

College of Letters & Science
Alissa Karnaky – Director of Alumni & Donor Engagement, College of Letters & Science
Sara Giacalone – Development Manager, WFAA

School of Medicine & Public Health
Maureen Brady – Development Specialist
Karen Peterson – Assistant Dean
For Department specific stewardship, please contact your Department Administrator.

Nelson Institute
Ann Swenson – Director of Advancement & Donor Relations, Nelson Institute

School of Nursing
Reena Chandra Rajpal – Director Development, WFAA
Sue Gaard – Senior University Relation Specialist

School of Pharmacy
Chris Natynski – Associate Director of Development, WFAA

School of Veterinary Medicine
Kristi Thorson – Associate Dean

Wisconsin School of Business

Martha Scales, Sr. Development Program Manager, WFAA
Shannon Timm – Director of Alumni Relations


For more information or to submit samples, please contact Noel Miranda.