Facilities & Programs

Buildings and programs give donors the chance to invest in something tangible. Engaging supporters who give to a physical entity can present different stewardship opportunities. View this section to see how to show the impact of gifts creatively and completely.

Baseline recommendations for facility and program stewardship include:

  • Coordinating stewardship activities in collaboration with your Dean/Director’s office and your WFAA colleagues. Make sure to coordinate any conversations or communications to donors with all involved stakeholders.
  • Use “All Ways Forward” branded material for donor communications to let them know they are part of the comprehensive campaign
  • Invitation to groundbreaking/program opening ceremony
  • Annual report on building and program activity from unit to donors who’ve named spaces
  • Annual impact report on endowed program funds by unit
  • Keep WFAA up-to-date on newly named spaces/programs and the donors whose gifts supported the naming of those spaces/programs so WFAA can update the donor’s record in ABE




Recognition Opportunities:

Impact Reports:

Press Releases