Thanking supporters for their generosity to the University is one of the most important ways we can steward our donors. The Donor Acknowledgement Report can be used to produce a merge file for donors to your funds. As a best practice, we recommend not including the gift dollar amount in the donor’s acknowledgement letter (unless they have specifically requested that). We recommend sending an acknowledgement letter for pledge initiations and the last payment on a pledge (rather than for every single payment). Refer to the guideline chart as you acknowledge donor gifts and pledges, click through the links for process work flows, and view the acknowledgement samples below.

Stewardship Practice Owner WFAA Contact Notes/Frequency
All gifts receive a standard, branded tax receipt and acknowledgement WFAA Gift Processing Team Carrie Park Within 1-2 weeks of gift processing; includes specific purpose of gift.
Chancellor’s Office acknowledgement for all outright gifts, pledges, and deferred gifts of $100K+ WFAA Monica Welke Monthly
Chancellor’s Office acknowledgement for all outright gifts of $1,500+ to the Chancellor’s Annual Fund WFAA Aimee Furrie Monthly
WFAA Leadership acknowledgement for gifts, pledges, and deferred gifts of $25K+ WFAA  Kathi Keenan Monthly
Gift acknowledgement for all deferred gifts/Wisconsin Legacy Society welcome WFAA Office of Gift Planning Andrea Shiu Monthly
Acknowledgement from unit for all gifts and pledges of $1,000+ Unit/WFAA Unit-based development staff At least monthly; sent from Dean, Department Chair, Center/Institute Director or DoD
Acknowledgement of gifts and pledges below $1,000 Unit/WFAA Unit-based development staff Optional; units may determine their own minimum gift thresholds
Gift acknowledgements are loaded into ABE WFAA/Unit Unit-based development support ABE: Jennifer McFarland Adding Acknowledgements in ABE
Donor Advised Fund confirmation letters for all donor-directed gifts of $1,000+ WFAA Gift Processing Team Carrie Park Weekly



To submit samples of Acknowledgements to the Toolkit, please contact Kasey Crampton.