Stewardship Resources

Institutional responsibility to our donors requires a level of consistency in acknowledgment, recognition, communication, and continued engagement related to gifts.

The goal of stewardship is to deepen and cultivate lifelong relationships with donors for the benefit of UW–Madison.

Stewardship 101

Baseline stewardship samples and policies to get you started as you think about showing appreciation to donors.

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Annual Giving

Tips and tools for engaging donors of less than $1K who give annually or give to discretionary funds.

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Undergraduate Support

Guidelines around managing and communicating about undergraduate support funds.

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Graduate and Professional Support

Guidelines around managing and communicating about graduate and professional support funds.

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Faculty Support

Guidelines around managing and communicating about faculty support funds.

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Facilities & Programs

View this section to see how to show the impact of gifts creatively for building and program gifts.

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Principal Gifts

A principal gift is a minimum $5 million gift that provides a transformational impact for the university. Click through to see samples of higher-level stewardship recognition tailored to the donor.

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Stewardship Tools and Technology

UW-Madison and WFAA have many tools and technology platforms that can help aid our quality and efficiency in stewarding donors. Click through to find guidelines around using these tools.

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