Partnership with Campus

The University of Wisconsin Foundation raises private support for the University of Wisconsin-Madison through good relationships – with those on campus in need of support and with alumni and friends who are interested in investing in the University. Administrators, faculty and staff are vital to the process of nurturing long-term partnerships with donors.

We work with you to

  • understand school/college and university priorities,
  • encourage gifts to fund those priorities,
  • connect individuals to campus, and
  • help individuals, foundations and corporations find the right fit for their gifts and grants.

We pledge also to

  • invest gifts wisely,
  • ensure a safe repository for gifts,
  • honor donors’ wishes and continue a positive relationship with them, and
  • distribute gifts/grants and the interest earned on them to the University.

Working Together

The Foundation and the UW-Madison work as a team to identify school, college and university priorities and match them with donor interests.

You identify and help us understand campus and constituency priorities.

Together, we identify potential donors, invite them to connect with campus and introduce gift opportunities.

We continue relationships with individuals, foundations and corporations and help them find the best fit for their gifts and grants. We honor donor wishes for the use of their funds.

You teach, make discoveries and reach out to Wisconsin and the world.

We invest gifts wisely and provide income to for University people, projects and programs.