Branded Online Giving Forms

Default view of online giving
Default view of online giving

By default, the Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association’s (WFAA) online giving form is branded to visually align with UW-Madison and evoke a sense of familiarity and reliability for donors coming from a wide variety of places (other websites, emails, etc.). While it’s important for donors to know their gift is being made through UW Foundation (UWF), we want to minimize potential disruption they may experience when opening the giving page after clicking a link on another site.

To help ease this transition and more closely align the look of the page with originating sites, we can customize the giving page to display a custom background image and supporting text.

See it in Action

Giving page for Goodspeed Family Pier
Giving page for Goodspeed Family Pier

For example, the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) is encouraging visitors docking their boats at the Goodspeed Family Pier to make a gift to support costs of operating the pier. To provide a stronger tie to the pier from the giving form  page, we’ve applied a custom branding to this form. You’ll see there is a photo of the pier in the page background and supporting text on the right side of the page.

How it Works

To invoke a custom branded view of the giving form, we add a “custom” variable to the giving form URL. In the case of the Pier, and in its simplest form, this appears as The “pier” value with the “custom” variable tells the form to apply the image and text values we have specified for the Pier branding. (The value of this variable will be specified by WFAA.)

However, because we also want to pre-fill a designation (a.k.a. “fund”) for this form, we’re going to add an additional “id” variable to the URL: This “id” value is linked to the designation in ABE and tells the form which Fund Name to display in the form.

This pairing of the custom branding of the page and the pre-filled form creates a much better experience for donors and should help to minimize abandonment in the online giving process.

Requesting a Branded Giving Form

Request a Branded Giving Form

Please submit this form to request a branded form.

To request a branded giving form for your campus unit, please complete and submit this form. You’ll need to provide the following assets and information:

  • Background Image
    • JPG or PNG format
    • 1400px (w) x 955px (h)
    • Max size: 150KB/96ppi
  • Headline
    • Can be program name like “Goodspeed Family Pier” or supporting copy like “Our Impact Resonates.”
    • Max length: 45 characters (including spaces)
  • Copy
    • Used to make the case for making a gift to this program/fund and establish the value proposition.
    • Max length: 250 characters (including spaces)

Please note: copy and images you submit for a branded giving form are subject to approval by UW Foundation. In some cases, we may alter the text you provide or ask you to provide a new image that works better with the form. This could be for aesthetic (the image just doesn’t look good in the context of the giving form), technical or other reasons. We’ll work with you to find a solution that works well for your unit and our donors, but ultimately, we’re trying to provide the best giving experience possible. To that end, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Use a high-quality image that compliments the giving form/page.
  • Don’t include your campus unit’s name or logo on the background image.
  • Use compelling, straightforward headline and copy.

If you have questions about creating a branded giving form, please email the WFAA Digital Marketing team at: We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.