Annual Giving

Annual Giving includes many different types of solicitations to a broad audience and generally looks at gifts under $25K. Annual giving efforts attempt to build the habit of giving annually in order to encourage donors to eventually increase their gifts. As this process is successful, we will see an increase in retention and revenue. Creating a meaningful stewardship experience for these donors is crucial for revenue growth and is less costly than recruiting new donors.

In Annual Giving, we recommend not to send another solicitation before sending a thank you to a donor for their past gift. No gift is too small to be thanked and meaningful stewardship can be scaled to all different levels of givers. Refer to the guideline chart as you steward annual gifts, click through the links for process work flows, and view the acknowledgment samples below.

Stewardship Practice Owner WFAA Contact Notes/Frequency
Welcome packet for first-time donors to the University WFAA Annual Giving Josh Wolfgang Monthly
Annual Giving Impact Report WFAA Annual Giving John Grice Annually

Best practice recommendations for building loyalty in annual giving donors include:

  • Coordinating stewardship activities in collaboration with your Dean/Director’s office and your WFAA colleagues. Make sure to coordinate any conversations or communications to donors with all involved stakeholders.
  • Personalized communication for first time donors to unit by School/College/Institute
  • Milestone recognition for 3rd and 5th years of consecutive giving
  • Calendar year end collective impact reporting for smaller gifts
  • Showing effect of annual gifts through a collective impact report each year



Best Practices:

Acknowledgement/Thank You

Impact Reports: