The University and the Foundation joins forces in a public-private partnership that benefits campus, its schools, colleges, departments and programs. The Foundation would have no reason to exist without the University. The University would have far fewer resources without the Foundation.

The Foundation, working closely with its campus partners, raises money to support school, college and campus priorities, including scholarships, professorships, building projects and research programs. In 2018, the UW Foundation transferred $279.5 million of gift money and investment income to the UW-Madison.

Partnership With Campus

We raise private support for UW-Madison through good relationships, with those on campus in need of support, and with alumni and friends who are interested in investing in the University. Administrators, faculty and staff are vital to the process of nurturing long-term partnerships with donors.

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Encouraging Gifts to Support Campus

We believe good relationships lead to gifts for UW-Madison. Each step of the process is critical — from understanding campus priorities and identifying potential givers, to building relationships with donors and inviting them to become involved with the university, to saying thank you.

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Stewardship Resources

Institutional responsibility to our donors requires a level of consistency in acknowledgment, recognition, communication, and continued engagement related to gifts.

The goal of stewardship is to deepen and cultivate lifelong relationships with donors for the benefit of UW–Madison.

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What Happens to Gifts?

When we receive gifts on behalf of UW-Madison, we invest them, distribute gifts and investment income to the University and we honor donors’ wishes and nurture relationships.

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Working with Corporations and Foundations

The Corporate and Foundation Relations team supports efforts to find and secure funding for general and specific purposes, including faculty research, graduate fellowships, undergraduate scholarships and building projects.

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Annual Giving

Tips and tools for engaging donors giving annually between $1-$24,999 to discretionary funds.

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