WFAA Editorial Calendar

July 15th, 2019

Wondering what’s coming up in your favorite WFAA publications? Hoping to see which of your brilliant alumni are going to be featured next? Enter: the WFAA Editorial Calendar. This user-friendly, searchable catalog shows upcoming content from all of WFAA’s publications. Browse by publication name, unit, and division to find the remarkable work of your departments and alumni as told by Flamingle, On Wisconsin, Badger Vibes, and more.

Which WFAA publications are included?

All of them!

  • Annual Report
  • Badger Insider magazine
  • Badger Vibes
  • Distinguished Alumni Awards
  • Flamingle
  • Forward under 40 Awards and magazine
  • Media advisories and press releases
  • One on One at One Alumni Place videos
  • On Wisconsin
  • Thank You, 72 podcast

How can the WFAA editorial calendar help you?

  • Let donors, alumni, and campus colleagues know when to watch their mailboxes for stories they may be interested in
  • Find programmatic opportunities to blend with the publication of a new story
  • Plan content for social media or other communications

Things to keep in mind:

  • When utilizing the calendar, please keep in mind that this information is not for redistribution and is subject to change at any time.   
  • For further information about a story listed, or if you have general questions, please contact Chelsea Schlecht ’13.
  • This is a new tool for us! As you use the calendar, please feel free to provide feedback to us. Our goal is to help you get a heads-up for upcoming content that may be of interest to you and your alumni. We want it to be as helpful as possible!

Also, be sure to check out the Little(ish) Free Library, an extensive collection of previously published stories housed in one convenient location on the Advancement Resources website.