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Lunch and Learn: Day of the Badger

February 15th, 2019

On February 13, 2019, nearly 40 campus partners joined WFAA staff members to learn about our day-of-giving event, Day of the Badger. Set for April 9, 2019, these 24 hours of giving will raise money for the All Ways Forward campaign. On this spirited and playfully competitive day of saying thanks, UW–Madison alumni in Madison and […]

Founders’ Day 2019

January 8th, 2019

Nothing says nostalgia like the first day of school, and nobody loves the first day quite like UW–Madison. Here, we honor the tradition of celebrating our very first first day of school every year! Starting February 5 and continuing through May, alumni chapters worldwide will celebrate Founders’ Day to commemorate the 170th anniversary of the […]

UW–Madison Day 2019

January 8th, 2019

We love UW–Madison and all of the groundbreaking work that happens at the university and because of it, and we’re confident you do, too. For anyone looking for a way to express that love without shouting it from the rooftops (mostly because you’re not quite sure how to gain access to campus rooftops), look no […]