WFAA Policies for Special Deposits

Last Updated: 4.17.2018

The Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association (WFAA) has three distinct deposit-related functions. These functions include membership, gift processing and special deposits.

Special deposits is the catch-all for items that cannot be processed through the membership or gift processing channels. In addition, special deposits are not processed via the Advancing Badger Engagement (ABE) customer relationship management database.

WFAA’s Financial Reporting team manages a wide variety of submitted special deposits. Given their complicated nature, special deposits require careful review against established guidelines.

Generally speaking, WFAA cannot accept the following as special deposits:

  • Anything considered to be a gift, or that has a gift component intended for WFAA or any UW System or System-affiliated entity
  • Anything that does not support the advancement mission of WFAA
  • Anything knowingly inconsistent with university policies designed to channel certain deposits to the university (not to WFAA)

Generally speaking, WFAA can accept the following as special deposits:

  • Reimbursements related to a direct vendor payment
    • May include an overpayment, duplicate payment or inadvertent payment
  • Refunds from campus for legitimate overpayment of a requested 233 transfer or related to a 233 transfer processed in error
  • Reimbursements for UW sports tickets held by WFAA and purchased by donors

Additional examples of special deposits that WFAA cannot accept:

  • Reimbursement for expenses that were not a direct payment from WFAA
  • Checks made payable to the University of Wisconsin – Madison or any UW-System entity
  • Merchandise-only or program-only deposits from the university
  • Income received from non-WFAA ownership of oil rights/royalties (would be considered a gift)
  • Registrations pertaining to university events (recorded through ABE if within WFAA’s mission)
  • Checks issued by the University of Wisconsin – Madison or any UW-System entity unless they:
    • Meet the 233 ‘refund’ criteria outlined above
    • Are payment for WFAA-provided (operations) goods/services contracted for via separate written agreement approved by WFAA Legal
    • Are scholarship refunds (student did not attend) for UW-System schools