Thank A Badger Day

Thank a Badger Day is part of the larger Student Campaign, which seeks to educate students about the power of philanthropy and its effect on the university.

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#Badgers, get your free cup of coffee at one of these locations today! #ThankABadgerDay
Thank an alum for their warm generosity and get a FREE cup of coffee in return! #ThankABadgerDay
Are you a Badger that loves coffee? Today’s your lucky day! #ThankABadgerDay
Danke. Merci. Gracias. #ThankABadgerDay
The best coffee in the world is FREE coffee. Get your cup today! #ThankABadgerDay


Today current Badgers have the chance to say thank you to alumni donors via a postcard. In return, students will get a free cup of coffee at any one of these locations across campus.
Schools, colleges, and departments all over campus will be offering students free coffee in exchange for their gratitude.
Attention current UW-Madison students: Start your day off with a free cup of coffee by thanking a fellow Badger for their generous support of the UW.

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