Campaign Creative Assets

Campaign Toolkit and Logos

The toolkit contains information about creative elements/patterns and fonts for use in campaign-related materials. Multiple versions of the official campaign logo are provided.

School/College Case Statement Templates

These comprehensive case statement templates can be used by individual schools and colleges as they create unit-specific campaign pieces. Three versions – 2-page, 12-page, and 20-page – are available.

Use this MS Word template for smaller, quick-turn opportunities. For larger opportunities, please consult with the WFAA Marketing team.

PowerPoint template

This template can be used for campaign-related presentations to strengthen the brand and allow for a consistent look.

Campaign Resources Available Upon Request

*Campaign materials use the verlag and vitesse font families. (If you do not have the fonts, click the links for purchasing information.)

Proposal kit wrap

This will be used for easy transport of materials from meeting to meeting by development officers actively engaging donors, alumni, etc.

Identity Suite Materials

Numerous campaign branded resources – business cards, envelopes, email signatures, letterhead, note cards, and stickers – will be available upon request. InDesign files are also provided for those units wishing to produce their own materials