ThankView (TV) is an informal cloud-based platform that enables WFAA partners to send authentic, less highly produced video messages to donors. TV messages can be 1-to-1 or one-to-many and there are no limits on the number of alumni and donors who can receive one TV message. Once a message has been sent, WFAA has access to backend metrics to see how donors interact with the message and if they open it.

TV should not replace projects that would normally go through WFAA Marketing/Marketing Cloud. TV is a tool to supplement existing communication tactics, fill stewardship gaps to give us a new option to steward donors. We recommend being strategic in who you choose to send these messages to and avoid overusing ThankView. This stewardship touch can stop feeling special when we inundate people with messages.

To request a TV message for your School or College, the Advancement Dean for that area (or their designee) should fill out the Project Request form as well as the List Request form (if the message is a one-to-many message where the list can’t be pulled via ABE Reports like the Communications Planner Report). Make sure to ask for the Prospect Manager field to be added to any lists you request.  We recommend trying to have any video participant sign the media release form, especially when including minors, students, or grateful clients in the ThankView video. You can return any signed release forms to Kasey Crampton.

Please reach out to Kasey Crampton if you have questions about how to use ThankView.