Undergraduate Support

Students are the life-blood of our university. As the cost of education rises, scholarships are increasingly important because they help us to retain the best students by removing financial barriers of attendance.

Stewardship Practice Owner** Notes/Frequency
Pull Stewardship PREP report Scholarship Administrator Before beginning of awarding cycle
Gather thank you notes and post-award documentation Scholarship Administrator Based on unit awarding cycle.
Recommend collecting notes a month after awards are finalized
Notify WFAA Development Liaison of Scholarship Recipients* Scholarship Administrator Provide first/last name, and Student EMPL ID
Transmit via agreed method (CSA, Stewardship PREP report, excel etc.)
Record Scholarship Recipient Names in ABE WFAA Development Support  
Review thank you notes for appropriateness Scholarship Administrator  
Notify donor(s) of scholarship recipient name, send thank you notes, additional information on students, and/or statement from leadership. Send a copy to WFAA Development Liaison Scholarship Administrator Use completed Stewardship PREP report
Record stewardship package in ABE and send correspondence to OnBase WFAA Development Support  
Coordinate additional donor stewardship as appropriate. Copy WFAA Development Liaison on stewardship communications WFAA and Unit Advancement Teams Donor-Student Meetings
Scholarship Reception

*Refer to FERPA and NCAA Compliance Regulations

**S/C/U staff should partner with their WFAA advancement colleagues to determine roles and responsibilities to maximize their stewardship efforts for their particular areas

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