Gift Proposal Resources

To help you develop gift proposals quickly, the Marketing and Communications teams have designed a set of templates. These documents use school- and college-specific shells, which have been approved by unit leaders. (For proposals that aren’t specific to a particular school or college, there’s also a general shell.) These resources can be used for leadership gift proposals now and will be supplemented by campaign branded pieces after the public launch.

Pre-printed materials

  • School and college proposal shells
  • Faculty and student fund Inserts
  • Morgridge Match collateral

Custom materials

  • Letter from solicitor/leadership
  • Development proposal

Gift Proposal Process

The school or college shells keep our message consistent, clear, and cohesive as we communicate with our donors and friends. A proposal generated using these documents should take about four weeks from kickoff to completion.

To initiate a customized proposal, submit a project request to Marketing, attaching the content your writer will need to understand your proposal. To determine what content you’ll need, answer the questions in the attached worksheet:

Marketing will assist you with finalizing and printing the proposal. Development staff may print project specific letters to include in the packet as well.

The shell, endowment inserts, and Morgridge collateral are all preprinted and available for your use. These pieces are located with the Development Support Staff listed. Internal staff should note on the shell coversheet the date and quantity used.

We encourage all units to use these tools in their advancement proposals as appropriate.

Development Support Staff

Campus partners should request interoffice delivery of the pre-printed material through Kasey Crampton or the following contacts by unit. Reorder and print time for collateral is 3-6 weeks.