Working with Corporations and Foundations

Today’s corporations and private foundations can provide important financial resources that support research, student professional development and placement, and campus infrastructure. Because support from these entities can meet a variety of goals and because financial support does not always come in the form of charitable gifts, WFAA does not maintain its own corporate and foundation relations team. Instead, WFAA partners closely with UW-Madison’s Office of Business Engagement (OBE) and Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP). If your campus unit has an assigned Director of Development, that person can help you connect with OBE and/or RSP, and may be able to serve as a relationship manager. Otherwise, we encourage you to connect directly with one of these campus resources.

Office of Business Engagement

The Office of Business Engagement (formerly the Office of Corporate Relations) serves as the front door to university resources for business and industry and focuses on providing service to companies in the areas of recruitment, executive education, accessing faculty and staff, enhancing global competency and fostering entrepreneurship. Corporations looking to advance their business through partnership with UW, or faculty and staff seeking outside support from the corporate sector, should contact OBE directly.

Office of Research and Sponsored Projects

logo_rspThe Office of Research and Sponsored Programs handles federal government and foundational funding for research and other programs. It also handles funding for research with specific deliverables, such as patent rights or a claim to research results or other proprietary information with potential commercial benefits. To find funding, help with proposal preparation, or assistance with agreement negotiation, contact RSP directly.