UW Now Faculty Partnerships

April 20th, 2018

Throughout the spring and summer, WFAA is hosting The UW Now events across the country. These events offer alumni the chance to reconnect with fellow Badgers and learn what’s happening at the UW — you guessed it — now. To share Wisconsin inspiration, we partnered with 11 UW professors (representing eight schools and colleges) to share their expertise and their latest research.

The UW Now 2018 events are being, or have been, held in the following areas:

These are all of the faculty members who have, or will be, giving talks at The UW Now events:

    • Faisal Abdu’Allah, School of Education
      A professor of printmaking whose groundbreaking work is tackling some of today’s toughest topics
      Atlanta; Washington, DC; Chicago; Milwaukee
    • Howard Bailey, School of Medicine and Public Health
      A leading researcher who is pushing the boundaries of cancer treatment
    • Cynthia Carlsson MS’05, School of Medicine and Public Health
      A brilliant professor who is finding new ways to potentially prevent and someday cure Alzheimer’s
    • Jon Eckhardt, Wisconsin School of Business
      A professor on a mission to reveal the power of entrepreneurship and bring new businesses to life
      Washington, DC; San Francisco; Milwaukee
    • Page Moreau, Wisconsin School of Business
      An innovative researcher who is changing how we think about consumerism, problem solving, and creativity
      Coachella Valley, Atlanta, Chicago
    • Bilge Mutlu, College of Letters & Science
      A multidimensional thinker who is using robotic technologies to solve practical problems
    • Charles Raison, School of Human Ecology
      An internationally recognized psychiatrist who is revealing the mysteries of the human mind and body
      Phoenix, Coachella Valley, Denver
    • Jeanette Roberts, School of Pharmacy
      A revered campus leader who is bringing together the UW’s health-related programs
      Atlanta; Washington, DC; Milwaukee
    • Garret Suen, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
      A groundbreaking scientist who is leading the way in the race to convert the world’s biomass into energy
      Coachella Valley, San Francisco, Chicago
    • Christine Whelan, School of Human Ecology
      An innovative thinker who is revealing the many different ways in which we consume happiness
      San Francisco
    • Rebecca Willett, College of Engineering
      An engineering innovator who is harnessing the power of machine learning to create a better world